Random Testing Program/Consortium

It is required that all CDL drivers be enrolled in a Third Party Random Testing Program/Consortium. (Per Regulation FMCSR 382 from the FMCSA)

We take all the guess work out of it for you by offering the following:

  • Pre Employment Testing for all drivers as they enter the program
  • Pre Employment Testing for any new drivers that join your company
  • Document storage, if you are audited and do not have your paperwork on you give us a call and we can forward any necessary files
  • Random Testing every quarter as required by the FMCSA in compliance with Regulation FMCSR 382
  • State of the art software to randomly pull drivers
  • Up to date knowledge of requirements to keep you in compliance
  • Notification via phone or email if you (or one of your drivers) is selected for testing
  • Scheduling of testing at a location nearest to wherever you are in the country
  • Agreement that clearly outlines what is included
  • Certificate of Enrollment
  • Discounts for the more drivers you have
  • No testing fees ever!

Currently it is required, as of 2020, to pull 50% of drivers in our Consortium Program for Drug Testing and 15% of drivers for Alcohol Testing, per quarter. We have over 30,000+ testing locations throughout the United States available.